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06/29/2019. 18:09

For the first time in the history of the Netherlands, he entered the semi-finals of the World Cup Women's Championship. In the quarterfinals of the French tournament, the Dutch won 2-0.

The first half of the match was 0-0 after the Dutchman took over the lead, 15 hit them, and then two fixed positions were decided. Both goals have been shown to be on a high level and have a perfect blow technique.

After 70 minutes, Sherida Spitse, 35 meters away from the goal, curled free from the right side of the line, Vivianne Miedema arrived perfectly, and in addition to point 11, she headed for the naked goal.

Ten minutes later came to the right of Spitz, but this time Stefanie van der Graft jumped to the corner of his five and easily found the door.

The Netherlands beat Eb two years ago but have never been to the World Cup so far, four years ago they were out of the 16th World Cup.

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