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Peru defeated Uruguay in a penalty shoot-through and entered the semi-finals of Copa América. Uruguay found two goals but no goals were scored, so the normal time ended with 0-0.

The Uruguayans dominated in the first part of the match, and in 24 minutes they came to huge crafts, but Cavani bombed five meters above the empty gate.

In the second half, Cavan managed to find a hit after falling halfway, but a few inches above the limit, and the referee did not score after the video.

73 minutes Luis Suárez focused on the goal and found his way home, but he did not get the title.

The usual time of the game was 11th. Uruguay started the fight, his first blow was Suárez, but he broke his penalty, hit Gallesea into the goalkeeper, who came to the right. After that, none of the blows made a mistake, leading Peru to 5-4.

Peru will play in the semi-finals with Chile's Champions.

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