Wednesday , June 23 2021

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For the Hungarian Football Association, this year's league of the League of Nations ended, excitement remained on the last day of the game, and some results are the result of a Hungarian team taking over the hat on December 2nd. It was not all that the third or fourth came to us like it was here. Finally, things will happen

at 31st place and the fourth hat on EB will draw us.

In Class A and B there was one competition, the first was the total, and the other was a group. The best thing for C, that is our class, was the most, since Scottish-Israeli, but Montenegrin-Romanian and Serbian-Lithuanian influenced our destiny. In D class there were also two games, one of which was a group of choices.

What would be the basic condition for the 30th overall success was two scoring successes from Scotland, or a Romanian point or loss of points in Montenegro (one-way success did not mean for us if he wins two, and they would be beaten). In this respect, Israel took the lead with Kayal's bomber in 9 minutes.

Luckily, Scotchs fired nine minutes after the first half. First of all, a close blow from James Foresta was equal.

Then, at the end of a very nice action, the forest came again and was 2-1 to Scotland.


Jamie Forest then used us to launch a hat-trick on Israel. A defender managed to keep the ball from crossing the goal-line after 64 minutes. But eleven minutes later Zahaw came and could imagine. It was then clear that Scotland was the top priority, not the fourth goal. With this and Romanian games, 31st and 4th hat ended.

Romania took the lead in the first half, so it was not the first 45 minutes. George Tucudean scored the ball on the Montenegrin side and fired off from the distance. His bomb hit the goalkeeper.

Montenegro and Romania

In the second half, Montenegro could equalize, but in 72 minutes Jankovics made a mistake. Although it turned out, this game did not affect anything because our difference in the game was better in the end with the Rumanians so they remained in the third hat. Newly-accused Serbs were difficult to embark on, but then they relied reliably on the fall of Lithuania.

Serbia and Lithuania

Against Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo has again accepted the already defeated Polish. The Portuguese were already in the lead and were already in the first half. Kutu Renata Sáncheza hit André Silva. Then came unexpected equalization, Milik equaled 11, and in addition to Portuguese, Danilo Pereira was shown. The Polish result meant that

Germany is only 11th in the overall ranking, so the other hat will be on the Eb draft.


In class B, the group played a role in Sweden and Russia. The Swedes were much more motivated and ultimately earned. Because between the two teams was equal, but the Russian-Swedish was 0-0, so the Swedes strengthened one class.


In the D class, Kosovo has reliably beat Azerbaijan, so it is another frightening one. Arber Zeneli entered his homeland in Heerenveen, Netherlands. The Malta-Faroe Islands game ends with 1-1 defeats.

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