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Lilla Polyák has released why her first marriage was destroyed

Lilla Polyák honestly admitted why her first marriage to Zoltan Homonnay was destroyed. "Apart from Matthew, I found something I had lost in the last years of my previous marriage, with deteriorating relationships. It is important for me to support the person I live with. It worked well with Zsolt for a long time, but then as we go to the shoulder. I do not say that this was clearly the reason for the divorce, but that was the factor that contributed to itHe said in conversation with Bors.

According to him, András Gömöri, the second husband of his first bodybuilding competition in his life, is a very powerful, male man, a true warrior who feels good when he takes the whole family back. "So my femininity can, because I know I can always rely on her and I do not have to always stand up. (…) I often felt I was "male". Not just me, it was not good with the kidshe added.

Lilla Polyák does not mind what András Gömöri, with children born of the actress's previous marriage, treats them as theirs. "Matthew did not take over from Zsol, he always left their father, and Matthew Napa, that is, his foster, so recently called him. The guys are different from both. (…) Zsolt's power is not in the hands of the boy because of the fact that Matthew has them– He said.

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