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POSZT director sues for their defamation of two Facebook critics for their private Facebook posts

POSZT-inscription at Széchenyi Square in Pécs, June 7, 2018.Photo: Tamás Sóki / MTI / MTVA

Attila Magyar, executive director of the National Festival in Pécs Nonprofit Kft. .

PST station wrote in October last year that the organizers of the post was majority owned by the Pecs government POSZF paid more than two years HUF 118 million from Actors Production Public Utility NKft, whose director and co-owner Gabor Szucs, POST director of the festival is the director of POSZF Attila Magyar is also the owner of the actor.

This article divided Csáki and Jászay on their private Facebook page, visible only to their friends:

Source: Transparent / Facebook

Two critics received a call in April at the District Court in Pécs because Attila Magyar, Director of the POSZF, filed for slander. Magyar stated in the statement that Csáki published the photograph describing him and the statement that shows him and POSZF accusing the members of the POSZF's counsel for embezzlement, Jászay and Csáki commented that there was a crime that the POSZF officials had to fall, and accused them of cheating and stealing.

According to the Hungarians, Csák and Jászay broke his honor, his social respect, his worthy judgment and his human dignity, as many as two to four thousand people (both have more than 2,000 acquaintances). The case would be on Thursday, but then the District Court in Pécs forwarded the proceedings in Budapest in the absence of jurisdiction.

At the same time, it turned out that the investigation by Péve Zsolt, which the mayor of Pecs met with the mayor of the fuse, found serious problems in the work of the POSZF, according to a report that confirmation of the execution of the contract between the POSZF and the Actor can not be controlled,
POSZF management is not transparent;
in 2017, the actor unlawfully accepted this money.

In the meantime, two POSZT, Gábor Gulyás and Tibor Zalán's specialists adapted their opinion. (Transparent, Dunst)


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