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Prior to the Steering Board, the draft Executive Committee

They complained to the Governing Body of the executive of the council, "said Justice Minister Trcsnyi Lszl also informed Orignak that the motion of the Ministry of Justice was in no way in the hands of the National Office of the Office and Provincial Officer Bri Tancs.

Trcsnyi Lszl also announced that the name of the government would be addressed to the Venice Commission to test the body and whether it complied with international standards. The investigation was conducted in the light of increased domestic and international interest in applying the lawsuit, and some of the protests were "predominantly superior", although they knew it, "the minister said.

Trcsnyi Lszl: Some of the opponents have "won the project" without saying they know the contentFot: Polyk Attila – Origo

More than 50 guides were in charge of administration

According to Laszlo Trcsnyi, Hungary is re-established by an independent, independent system of government. It has been claimed that the law of administration is not the same as a magnanigious lawsuit, but only formally the identity is identical.

The Trcavezet reminded that the Hungarian government remained intact from 1896 until 1949, and until 1989 there were no government brigades. Some of them started dealing with 2011 when the administration and the ministry acted on a regular brigade system. Last year there was a trilogy that had the survivor of the perpetrator. The main body of this year was the Director of the United Kingdom, Trcsnyi Lszl said, pointing out that the European Union is the oldest member of the country.

My leg is broken

He lowered the receiver and suggested that the floor was a law. The proposal was adopted by a professional negotiator, in which battles and scholarships were undertaken. Trcavezet told the National Brigade Office and the Kraj, the most significant members of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, that their codification was supported by their codification.

Trcsnyi Lszl, administration skyscrapers will be in Esztergom, brsg has a place to sell real estate on Tuesday at llam property. In eight languages, "character regionlis" will be controlled by a trilogy. Labor lawsuits will be held at the level of Trvnyszki in Jv, "he added.

Trcsnyi: My leg is brokenForrs: MTI / Bruzk names

Laszlo Trcsnyi said that the administration of the administrative department would be managed by the Ministry of Justice. The reason is that the current justice minister will be in front of parliament to be independent, powerful and high-ranking officials in the field.

László Trcsnyi has said, a system for actors – nigazgatski organi, lokalna uprava, brgs and minister – for example, On je rekao: "Who is currently working on the rubu, sirač ostaje pod vlasti odvjetnika u JV. No one will lose, they will be all executives to this day – he announced.

It is also clear from the fact that parliament has the right to legislate on six occasions and some rules of law.

OTK OBT is not on the agenda

For Jsgrrrrr, Patry Andrs, National Commissar of Vlastsi Commune, was most unusual for the position of the Supreme Administrative Director, Trcsnyi Lszl. According to the draft plan, llamf will propose to the brigade leader and – as he said – quite ex officio They work for Paty Andrew who is a sign.

Trcsnyi Lszl told Origu, the draft does not cover the rights and obligations of the OBH and the WTO. The justice ministry is currently only engaged in fast-paced operations. Apart from studying pompous criminals, she might look for possible changes in hard work – she added.

There is no change in standard law

Kiss Gyrgy is akadmistic, the chairman of the committee's committee said: "There is no speech in the executive committee, which means that the proposal is not required to change a law and change the unique identity of spiritual identities. Working on the rule of law, you work based on criticism based on the basic law brutal organizational system.

Pter Hajnal Perk, the Hungarian brigade of the Hungarian Brigade, said that the previous rule applies not only to the brk, but also to secretarials and writers, and also have the opportunity to join the organization. Officials in Brsby are suggested to name them only for unlimited time. That means, based on the current set of rules, that one who works for at least five hours, "says Pter Hajnal," they do not even start organizing and can not be brigades.

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