The bicycle around the lake will also be restored.

The construction of the new sections of the Budapest-Balaton cycle paths was confirmed to Dnevnik Veszprém by the National Infrastructure Developer – can be read on the Veszprém County portal In addition, the reconstruction of the lake circle will continue.

Unlicensed construction work on the road between the capital and the lake has already begun, there are places where it is ready. A section between the main road 710 and Balatonakarattye is also planned, but the bicycle road between Polgardi and road 710 will soon enter the construction phase.

Reconstruction work between Lake Balatonlelle and Balatonakarattya will be completed by summer, but in the spring between Tihany and Örvényes they will be under construction, as will construction on the east coast north of Akarattyya.

The events were ordered by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in the investment of NIF Zrt., From the EU and domestic sources – Infostart writes with an invitation to

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