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R will not be familiar with Zafirom, which are categorized by Opel

Compact van with a window and a small truck base, with all its advantages and mild. In Hromfle lengths you can order a lot of 9 items, but there are plenty of places in it.

It has a height of 189-194 centimeters and can be found in marshmallows. Click on the knock, galera will die!Forr: Opel

Zafira, introduced in 1999, was a great success for big sailors and taxi drivers in the time of the year. it was the first compact that could be used for stacking mg kt. If I do, today the buyer is eligible for a 2.5 millisecond discount. He was from generation to generation, and the Astra base, for example, had become increasingly bigger and better equipped, and he dropped to 2.7 billion.

It can also be equipped with electric trolleys. RGI Zafir had a traditionally nylon doorForr: Opel

Unique socks have been changed

However, according to statistics, it is compact At the same time, we have a lot of SUVs. As the asphalt pavilion kzllzz lots of 5 + 2 lses version, and a slightly smaller space and worse varilhatsot to speed up the customer's trendy appearance of the terrain. Meanwhile, the French PSA group would not buy Opel to develop the fourth-generation Zafira, but the wearer was so attractive that they did not want to knock on knlabs.

Htulrl is hard to get acquainted with Citroën / Peugeot / ToyotaForr: Opel

It is a dnts that PSA-Toyota kz, the leading platform K0 distributes a small body, Citroën Spacetourer / Peugeot Traveler / Toyota Proace Verso is the lp market for the j-nu generation. In the past five years, demand for small buses has also risen, and success has been virtually guaranteed. To get a signal, these trolleys are not the Zafirin C (Tourer) ruler, but the big life is Life.

Nine are cool

If the last Zafira is a form of carp, "carp", sophisticated wood, then Zafira Life is more craftsman. Michelangelo gave a shade in the room: twisted and pry-driven linheads in the maximum clashing spirit, as one of the basic surface areas can be the largest cabin. There are not many words in it but can not be inserted, the body is just a mask, and the shape is minimal.

There is a ktfle system. It can only be removed and removed from the lid;Forr: Opel

The shaft is 2.93 m in the case of 4.60 mt, but 4.95 m in length and 5.3 m in the extruder version is 3.3 m. The Zafira Riga was a long 4.65 mt with a 2.76 m axle.

In Zafir in Riga, 7 l of ambitions were lost and the length of the pack was 9 ls.Forr: Opel

9-eyed version of acrylic with the smallest Zafira Tourer the chromium line can be of any kind The most popular is 2 + 3 + 3. Lsek in less expensive variants can only be dropped and removed and can be rubbed into the thinner. If only the first row is included then 3600, 4200 and 4900 liters will be created, which will not allow rgi Zafire to compete.

It can also be used by Akr trollsForr: Opel

The engine and vltknlat are the same in both. You can get 1.5 liters of iron ss 120 with 120, dolls ktliter 120, 150 with 177, prints are 270 with 400 Nm. The six levels are based on the lowest engine speed.

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