Thursday , September 19 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Galaxy Watch 2 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be launched in August.

All 4-day old Galaxy Watch Active is smart, but as much as Samsung was surprised at how fast. a treasure-loving modicum-genercis to develop.

The first model will not be the same as this, which was the trademark of Samsung's smart clock. Unfortunately, there are no reviews, but you know that Samsung does not want to change the design. Lower prices will be scared for the jdonsg frog.

Forra: PhoneArena

At the same time, software will change and focus primarily on fitness activities. will be able to win a little over a few minutes, and Samsung will be able to compete better with Apple.

Since Galaxy Watch Active has just been released, it is likely to be released only in 2020 and the Galaxy S11 will work on debts. Meanwhile, however, Galaxy Watch 2 will launch the Galaxy Note 10 in August.

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