Saturday , June 19 2021

Selected: From the 4th helmet we can expect the qualifying Eb to be pulled out

On Tuesday national teams of the National Football League finished: before the last day of the match the Hungarian team had the chance to get a third hat in the European Championship of 2020 in the event of a good result, but that did not come to an end.

The 2-winner of the 4th Helmet will be expected to qualify for the European Championship (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

To reach the third leg, a two-man Scotland victory should be achieved and the Rumanians would not get the same difference, and it seemed long, but Israel could imitate after 3-1. (Romania won in Montenegro – even in any game – but with one goal.)

This means that the 31st place of the Hungarian national team will win the second quarter on the fourth rush with Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Georgia so that we can certainly not be in the group.

At the same time, our team retained the opportunity to take part in the march for EB in March 2020, as the League of Nations has four continental championships.

Basically, in just over a year and a half, in each class, group winners will compete in the semi-finals of the European Championship. In fact tournaments will be played teams that are locked in the top class in that class, but in the traditional Eb qualifications falling in the fall of 2019, the first and the second places guaranteeing participation are missed.

This means that if there is a group winner who has succeeded in a traditional qualifying qualifying qualifying qualifying qualifying qualifying game, the best in the group finals will be replaced by the playoffs. There, the top ranking ranked player will get the lowest ranking – the second is the third – and the downhill takes place in one game.

Hat 1: Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland
2. hat: Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic
Hat 3: Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria, Israel
Hat 4: HUNGARY, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia
Hat 5: Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands
Hat 6: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta, San Marino

* The hats are also the result of the National League, with the exception of four top players: Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands and England decide on the final on June 4, 2019.

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