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Sorry Russian Barbi | NLC

Barbara, a Russian girl, laughs at her pet, Loulou's pussy. The boy was only four years old and had only two weeks of serious illness, so she needed surgery that saved her life, but she did not survive.

The manager continually reported her fans about the condition of her kitten, so she also shared her pain on the community site. "Now I am writing a sad heart that has supported us in your love for the last two weeks. Yesterday, my sweet little Louloum did not survive the operation, despite the fact that doctors fought for it. In the morning I was overwhelmed in my hands, we both insisted that there was no problem, we would do it together. And she kept herself under painful treatments, because she wanted me out of touch. He wanted to spare him because he was such. Smart and sensitive. How a great heart and soul that emits light can fit into a tiny body. Loulou has managed to make my world even more beautiful only by its existence. She read in my mind and sensed all my vibrations. (…) Now I have such a pain I do not know. (…) I am really grateful that I have taken care of me for my partner, and knowing that I will do everything for him and count on me– – read, among other things, at Barbarin's heartbeat place.


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