The idea of ​​recycling old, unused smartphones is really good, but one of Samsung’s programs for it is unfortunately not overly successful.

It’s pretty sad Samsung’s infographic he made in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd. The company found that only a very small portion of the approximately two billion Galaxy smartphones were returned to Samsung as part of a recycling program.

Samsung’s infographic shows that in the old phone collection campaign that started in 2015, only 38,000 discarded mobile phones were returned to the company by May 2019. THE NeowiN also made a quick calculation: 38,000 represents only 0.0019% of the two billion Galaxy sold in that period.

It is difficult to say where these devices are stored in the product life cycle. It is possible that some of these two billion phones will still be used by the original customer, many devices may have entered the used car market, entered the Galaxy Upcycling program launched in 2017 to make other devices, but it is also possible that other organizations will engage in recycling.

Unfortunately, it’s also in the deck that the lazy owners just throw the old phone in the household trash, from where it goes to the landfill. Potentially cause fire or environmental pollution.

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