During the first year of the pandemic, the world of television recorded a huge boom, and one market research company predicts at least such a triumphant march this year as well.

Although some industries have been severely negatively affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the demand for certain technologies and tools has increased significantly during forced stays at home. The latter include TVs, which is understandable because many people spend time at home watching television. Television sales already increased significantly last year, and this year will be no different: market research firm TrendForce, for example, predicts an improvement of 3.1 percent over sales in 2020, meaning it will find about 223 million owned TVs.

The above research also showed that prices have risen significantly in recent times due to a lack of parts. Integrated circuits and TV panels have also become more expensive. The latter is so much that since June last year, a price increase of 134 percent has been recorded in the area of ​​32-inch slabs. The lack of parts has little effect on large manufacturers, as they are preferred because they regularly and in large quantities place orders.

Meanwhile, the Asia of major televisions is also growing nicely. Already 55-inch TVs make up 20 percent of all sales, which means that every fifth device has a fairly large screen. By the way, 17.7 percent of all TVs come with a screen larger than 60 ”, which is an increase of 3.3 percent compared to last year.

OLED is also an increasingly common choice among users. TrendForce expects to have at least 6.76 million OLED TVs by 2021, a very large (72 percent) increase over the same period last year. OLED offerings will become the main strategic priority of television brands in the top TV market this year, market research experts say. Closing the scissors between the price of such boards and LCD screens can play a role in the boom of OLED TVs. In addition to reducing the price difference between OLED and LCD panels, the production capacity of OLED panels has also received a significant boost due to the expansion of the capacity of the LG Display factory in Guangzhou.

The top five brands on the market right now are Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense and Xiaomi. Their combined market share first exceeded 60 percent last year, and that number is expected to climb to 62 percent this year.

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