Tuesday , July 27 2021

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From mail to kzbests, mail service will be available, "Magyar Posta said.

The project, which is available for this purpose, comes with the European Union and the Hungarian budget, and nearly 2.4 billion forints can not be recovered from the tsunami.

Hungary Post has sold over 3.3 billion euros for the entire program. According to post, the development of classic messaging services has been modernized.

IllusztrciForrs: MTI / Balogh Zoltn

By providing the information you want, your customers can access the information they receive via mail on a postal or mobile application, the whole mail procedure can be complete.

As part of developers, you get over 8,000 kzbest industrial mobile phones (PDAs) where you can find the mess. The cookies on this cookie are electronically authenticated by cookies, and admin with cookies.

Magyar Posta Zrt. He handles his services at Budaörs Regional Logistic CenterForrs: MTI / Mt Zoltn

You can also use the identity of a person (e-person) on a cell phone.

At the beginning of the day, the TV station simply goes to the PDA phone, which you do not need to provide personal information, which is the time of the TV.

In larger traffic areas PDAs are also printing on bullets for bullet printing. This is the time when a person with a spell or a person with a right is not in the box.

During the development of 2019, the post office will release the freight journal, and the receipt may be received in electronic form in the form of a receipt of acknowledgment.

The new IT system was tested in November for a second. With the help of the most popular postal services – Budapest (Csepel), Ercsi, Gyngys, Miskolc, Monor, Sopron, Nagykta telephones – launch mail and preinstallation services, fill in complete, process and process processing using the Kibes system.

The project was extended until 2019 to Hungary's first post office.

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