Tuesday , June 15 2021

Velvet – Life – Due to the MOSCHINO collection, H & M web shop is a bit lost

Today, November 8, MOSCHINO and H & M joined a joint collection. On the one hand, sales in Vaci Street 1, which is located in the business area, began selling, which is why people at dawn could wait at dawn. Until opening, the store was made with hot drinks and baked goods to customers – writes 24.

While the store was firmly opened and customers could freely launch a new collection, the web shop allows only a limited number of users.

On H & M's Facebook there are some comments that "webshop" is unavailable. The company has provided the following information in several posts:

At the same time, only a certain number of customers can enter our site, as well as our store, to prevent excessive downloads from our site. Use the "Try Again" button as soon as the page of our pages opens. Good buy!

It's a bit like a student as a subject. In some systems there was a limit that the student would not allow. There he had to fight for limited seminars and exercises, and there was a limited number of available pedals, t-shirts and accessories.

Those who enter the store and the webshop can not find the product they want. Here, we think that women's jackets, tops, tops (except too big impulses plus some teas) are available in sizes XS, S and M.

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