Wednesday , January 27 2021

Vilghbors centenrium – Benk: soldier pays to remember Belfld – Hungary hrei | Szeged

Tibor Benk added: The reconstituted military uniform of Debrecen is a commemoration of memory and memory. He recalled that the victims of the Great Battle in Debrecen on August 2, 1849 were anchored in the cemetery: the anonymous army, the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the independence and freedom of their country. Soldiers who died in the First and Second World War also reside in the military pit.

"That is why the name is honest burial and funeral of Hsoka," said Tibor Benk, adding that "the victims were together with Hungarian soldiers together with those who were then enemies". According to Tibor Benko, many who went to war and went to war did not have the opportunity to rest their loved ones in their homeland. They did not have the soldiers who were there, they started the war because they wanted to make big jars, grandparents, young people who left their loved ones at home, "said the defense minister, adding" respect for all those who are remembered in Hseka Garden, either where in the country ".

Tibor Benk emphasized: "We will show an example of the importance of soldiers who have lost their lives in Hungary." "Let this be an example and exemplary for all countries and peoples, as we appreciate and appreciate the soldiers who have died in Hungary, their memories. We are looking for and expecting from other peoples," he added. Tibor Benk talked about the importance of peace for the Hungarian people in the country, in Europe. He asked the soldiers to serve Hungary, Hungarian security and peace, according to their oaths, according to their best knowledge. Lajos Koja (Fidesz), a member of parliament, chaired by the National Defense and Law Enforcement Committee of the National Assembly, said that, as long as Hungary's statehood becomes a Hungarian country, always head to those who defend the country. According to politicians, defense is the most important issue, and as a member of NATO, Hungary is safe. At the same time, "we are still struggling," he pointed out on the side of the missionary action of the army, in which "Hungarian soldiers stand out perfectly".

The president of the law enforcement board welcomed the position of soldiers in resolving migration, saying that if they were in trouble, they went to the border and defended the country. "No more commitment," said Lajos Kósa. László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP), Mayor of Debrecen, said: "Reconstruction says: sacrifice for the land can not be forgotten". He added that for the purpose of restoring the funeral of the Hsoke municipality, he received 250 million forints in two offers, supplemented by 100 million forints by his own means.

In cooperation with the Debrecen Bocskai István armament in Debrecen, in the first phase of the reconstruction, the World War II was repaired in 2023, repaired the tombs of the Second World War and completed the entire horticultural and technical rebuilding of the tomb. In the second phase, the Hsok pantheon has been restored, "said Mayor of Debrecen. After solemn speech, the ceremonial priests consecrated and blessed the renovated tombstone and presented graves in graves and lit candles.

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