Tuesday , May 18 2021

You can already buy Life and Strange 2 for each episode

A little life around life was the sequel to Life's Strange, an interactive short story about Dontnod's episodic adventure. Not so long ago, it was announced that we could count on a new act, and now the company repaid the old debt. From now on, we can not just pack the second stage (not the episode that will only debut in the future), but in parts, so if you are not sure of the opportunity to be in the first season at the study level, there is now much less financial effort. And for those who would not have enough, they might be delighted because they let the rabbit hunt for the upcoming debut third act.

A little forty other trailers, besides, feels like a very popular figure, Cassidy, whom we met earlier – in the second episode – but we could not be sure we'll be back till now. It does not seem to be a drama this time, although the trailer still does not include the game, but it has a very bitter mood and we doubt that this time we might not expect a lightweight adventure – but who knows, Dontnod may surprise us. Soon it will be clear that the third stage will be debut on May 9, about a month later, followed by the fifth episode of August 22 and the third in December.

The first episode of Life and Strange 2 debuted in September last year, and here you can read our review.

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