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2020 Royal Enfield BS VI Variant: 5 things you can expect

2020 royal enfield 350 500

Model RE Classic 2020 will receive a new BS VI complaint mechanism expected to be refined and powerful

No doubt in the fact that Royal Enfield Classic is definitely the most popular retro-style motorcycle available in the country at this time. Despite the steep price, the bike still manages to outperform much cheaper bikes, but things have started to change in recent times. RE Classic Sales has recorded a steady and consistent drop in the past few months since its biggest rival Jawa entered the market.

Recently, the second generation of RE Classic was detected on a test in India and surprisingly it seemed to be a motorcycle in its production form. RE has definitely spent a lot of time developing the next generation of models, and test mule has definitely found it to be a brand new motorcycle, not just a new model.

Here are 5 things you can expect from the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic BS VI variants.

1. A new platform

Upcoming the RE Classic gets a new double bottom frame and a redesigned casing. The new chassis looks identical to what you will find in the recently launched Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. As a result of this newly designed chassis and swingarm, the new bike is expected to be lighter than the current generation of bikes.

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2. An updated engine

Although it's too early to show, but you can expect the coming Classic Motorcycles to get a brand new and updated engine. There are rumors that RE could break two different shift models (350 and 500cc) and introduce only one variant. Expect the engine to be much more refined than the current one.

The test mud is also detected with the chain drive located on the left side of the rear wheel instead of the right side while the engine rim also looked different. This means that the engine is definitely new and compliant with the BS-VI unit. There is also a high probability that the engine is also a fuel injection unit.

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2020 RE 350 get a new 6-speed gearbox of up to 650 Twins?

What is even more surprising is the fact that the new engine unit lacked a kickstrip. In addition to the new engine, the motorcycle also had a different look, similar to the recently introduced 650 Twin, versus the unit we usually find in the classic model of the current generation. The gearbox can be a new sixth gear.

3. Cosmetic changes

Upcoming Classic motorcycles will retain the basic design. The test mud is detected by the LED backlight unit. There is a possibility that the new motorcycle classic might even have full LED lamps housed inside a retro-styled round front light (to be honest, we would certainly like to see the old halogen unit as it helps to add retro charm to the motorcycle).

Some of the other visual changes you can notice are redesigned split seats. Unlike the old seat configuration, the driver's seat no longer obtains springs. The seat is also redesigned and looks something bigger and better coated than the current generation of the model.

Royal Enfield launches a machined alloy wheel at the price of Rs. 10,000 "width =" 696 "height =" 391
It is likely to get a factory-fitted rubber tire

The motorcycle also has a new strap on the back and a new, slightly shorter exhaust. The new generation of the Classic could also have a new half-tone digital instrument. The digital display will provide some valuable information such as the road and fuel gauge.

4. Suspension and brake

The new generation of the Classic model gets a disc brakes on both wheels and dual-channel ABS as a standard. Motorcycle suspension covers carry conventional telescopic units at the front, while the rear shock absorbers of the motorcycle that are filled with gas also changed and now have a slightly larger spring cover.

5. Prices and competition

There is a high probability that RE could return the Meteor label. Several model body panels and particularly gearboxes seem to be inspired by the old "Meteor" model.

Expect the next generation of the Classic to have a little more price than the current generation model. The new generation of Classic will compete directly against such as Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 when they finally go here next year.

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