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A nearby star can release a massive explosion of gamma radiation: What is gamma-explosion and what causes it?

In seconds just for the Big Bang event, astronomers have identified the nearby & # 39; star system with the ability to create gamma-ray, one of the most representative energy events in the universe.

The rare star is only 8,000 light years from Earth and is on a massive supernova explosion fence, it is expected to produce hazardous radiation exposure.

It could strip Earth of its slowly recovering ozone layer, revealing its entire life on Earth to a dramatically higher volume of radiation from the sun and space.

Scientific research published in the journal Nature Astronomy has never been revealed in the Milky Way galaxy.

Using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile and the Austro-Australian Telescope (AAT) in Australia, the team found that The star system produces an incredibly fast wind, 100,000 times faster than Hurricane on Earth.

"We knew that we immediately found something quite exceptional: the light across the spectrum from radio to infrared was out of the diagram," said Dr. Joe Callingham, lead author of the Netherlands Institute of Radio-astronomy Practice.

All of the & # 39; stars & # 39;

Brakes Apep (Picture: ESO)

First The star is part of a system that is a nickname APEP. after a serpentine Egyptian god of chaos. It was believed that Ra, the God of the Sun, would fight with Apep every night; prayer and worship provided Ra's victory and the return of the Sun.

Second Apep consists of two hot, glowing stars – known as astronomers as Wolf-Rayets. They are orbiting each other every hundred years or so, say scientists from Sydney University in Australia.

Third Those stars can explode into supernova at any time and can result in a cataclysmic event of gamma radiation that is combined with extreme system conditions.

"We discovered this star as an outlier in a radio telescope survey run by the University of Sydney," Callingham said.

4th The stars of Wolf-Rayet are exceptionally massive blonde stars, containing a mass of 10 to 15 sun.

5th The blue and white color of the star points to that the surface temperature is approximately 50,000 C.

What are the gamma-ray?

Digitized sky image capture around Apepa (Picture: ISO)

Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are short-term gamma-ray rays of light, the most powerful form of light. It lasts several milliseconds to a few minutes, GRBs shine hundreds of times lighter than the typical supernova and about one trillion times brighter than the sun.

When GRB appears, it is the shortest-ever source of cosmic ray-ray photons in the visible universe.

Types of GRB

When astronomers watched the number of bursts on how long they last, they found two different classes: long lasting and short duration.

These two classes are probably created by different processes, but the end The result in both cases is a brand new black hole.

Long lasting recording lasts from two seconds to several hundred seconds (minutes), with an average time of about 30 seconds. They are associated with the death of massive stars in supernovae; although Not every supernova produces gama-ray bursts.

Duration of short duration are those that last for less than two seconds; for a few milliseconds to two seconds with an average duration of about 0.3 seconds (or 300 milliseconds).

These bumps appear to be related to the merging of two neutrons into a new black hole or a neutron black-tailed star to form a larger black hole.

Fortunately, Apep seems not to be directed to the Earthbecause the gamma-ray strike from this proximity could remove ozone from the atmosphere, drastically increasing our exposure to UV light from the sun.

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