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Apple Arcade and Google Stadia should follow the Microsoft Xbox strategy

  • As the video game industry prepares for the next generation of hardware in 2020, a large number of major technology companies plan to cut their own market share.
  • Google and Apple have announced new subscription services for video games to be launched later this year, but their approaches are wildly different from what players are accustomed to.
  • Microsoft's controversy, a pensive cloud gaming strategy, subscription services, and more exclusive titles in the Xbox ecosystem should serve as a model for other companies in this transition period.
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The video game industry has been relying on new hardware to promote growth in cycles for decades. The release of new Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles generates unparalleled excitement that has long defined how developers are creating and selling their games.

Microsoft and Sony slowly teased the details of their new generation consoles, and Microsoft confirmed the new Xbox in its bid in 2020.

But this time, competitive companies will not wait to see what the traditional giants are playing in the store. Google and Apple plan to launch their own subscription service on video games this fall with two very different business models.

Apple Arcade is expected to launch this fall on all Apple devices.

Apple Arcade will offer more than 100 fixed-price games and will work on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. As reported, Apple has spent more than $ 500 million to save Apple Arcade for launch in the fall. Several independent studios are foreseen to create exclusive games for Apple Arcade, but it is not clear how much the service will cost.

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Google's Stadia is an ambitious new gaming platform that relies on the streaming cloud service. Turning games directly into players from advanced cloud computing, Stadia will remove the demand for expensive consoles. Stadia will be exclusive to subscribers of their paid premium bids when launched in November, but the platform will eventually be free to use. Anyway, players will have to buy games specifically for Stadia.

While Google and Apple have made great investments in their gaming initiatives, their approaches are a big step away from what players are accustomed to. By contrast, Microsoft has slowly established its own subscription service and cloud gaming platform without endangering the core of its Xbox business.

Here's why Microsoft is facing competition as the video game industry prepares for a new era of technology:

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