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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Holland: Spider Man: Far from Home is not to become Iron Man, it becomes Spider Man

Spider-Man: In the EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkville, Spider-Man, far from home star Tom Holland, discovered that the upcoming MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie does not mean that Peter Parker became Iron Man, but became Spider-Man. See the full interview with Tom Holland below.

Tom Holland is preparing to release the next movie MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Spider-Man: away from home, which not only marks the consequences Avengers: finals, but is a third-stage epilogue, creating a path for a new phase 4. Dealing with the loss of his mentor Tony Starka called Iron Man, Peter Parker has to learn to move on and start over again. However, in order to save the world once more, Nick Fury hires Spider-Man and makes him join Quentin Beck's Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal).

"The world needs an iron man," says emotional Peter in the trailer Spider-Man: away from home, who has received many MCU fans of tears. In an exclusive interview with Tom on Bali, Pinky asked the actor if he felt that Spider-Man had what it takes to transfer Iron Man's legacy. Holland said, "Yes, I think he knows, but that's what I need to understand." [Spider-Man: Far From Home] It's not about becoming Iron Man, this movie is about becoming a Spider-Man. "

"And I have to realize that he is more powerful than he knows and that his responsibility to be a superhero will never disappear, so he has to do the best he can to ensure that the world makes the world a better place for it," added Tom.

See a full interview with Tom Holland with Pinkville:

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Spider-Man: Far from home should be published on July 4, 2019.

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