Monday , April 19 2021

Ker CM slams removing the wall to the rly cell, Sangh quotes

In Kerala, there was a clash over the removal of a new wall painting on a railway station displaying the tragedy of a wagoner in 1921 as part of the "Mappila (Muslim) Revolution" with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday, citing Sangh Parivar behind him.

Describing the erasion of the image at Tirura station as "extremely unreasonable," he claimed was an "insult" to the struggle for freedom of the country.

"The Indian railroad, which is a PSU, sued Sangh Parivara's interests and deleted the image," says Vijayan on Facebook.

When they contacted, the railroad sources denied the charge and said it was colored because of the calls of various people who criticized the subject chosen for the wall building under the beauty program.

It is considered not to be in accordance with the plan for beautifying the railroad because it was "a tragic event," the sources said.

The image was halfway when a new layer of paint applied to her on the direction of the Palakkad Railway Division officials to bring the wall back to its original state, they added.

BJP Secretary General N Radhakrishban called the railroad's decision as a "welcome step," but said that his party did not play a part in it.

"The BJP has nothing to do with the decision. As far as understanding is concerned, the railroads have taken the stand against the demonstration of communal violence," he told the PTI.

Objections from local people could persuade them to take such a stand, he added.

The tragedy of the carriage occurred on November 21, 1921, when 67 detainees from the Malabar region, arrested for taking part in the Mappila revolt against British rule, died of choking while being taken to Tirur in the carriage without windows.

Vijayan said the deletion of the image of "the insult of the history of the Indian struggle for freedom and can be seen only as an antinational act".

Using its power in the center and various countries, RSS has been trying to "distort" and "rewrite" the history of the struggle for freedom of the earth, he said.

Now they were "allergic" to hear about the fight for freedom, Vijayan stated, stating that whenever RSS got the chance, it was "surely" for the British.

"It is no surprise that these types of people are afraid to recognize the" golden turning points "of the history of the struggle for freedom," he added.

In addition to the Tirura, Kannur and Palakkad stations in the department, they were chosen to beautify works of art, culture and historical events.

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