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The absence of HD Kumaraswamy of the Event Type Jayanti "Insult": Congress

The HD Kumaraswamy Office earlier announced that it will not attend the event. (File)


With Chief Minister Karnataka and his deputy who had jumped on Jayanthi's celebrations, Congressman's MP has called him an insult to the Muslim community.

"This was the first type of Jayanthi new government, and information is that after consultations with a doctor, counselor HD Kumaraswamy is not participating (in programs), and Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara is on a foreign tour as if the community was insulted. to this, "said MLA and former Minister Tanveer Sait.

According to sources, several heads of Congress, especially those from the Muslim community, are working with the chief minister and deputy chief of the ministry for lack of events.

Speaking to journalists in Mysore, Mr. Sait said politics and the party despite his duty to express the feelings of his community. "I am looking for the prime minister to try to attend the HD Kote program near the place where he is resting," he added.

The Prime Minister had previously notified of his inability to participate in that function and his name was not printed in the invitations. Following the decision of the Prime Minister to skip the event, reports on differences in opinion between the ruling coalition partners on Jayanthi celebrities appear.

While he was in opposition, Mr. Kumaraswamy questioned the need for such celebrations.

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