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The records do not mean much if we do not win the World Cup: Starc


Mitchell Starc is just three shy of Glen McGrath of 26 wickets at the 2007 World Cup - most of the wickets who in one edition chose a kiss.

Mitchell Starc is just three shy Glenna McGratha's of 26 rushes in the 2007 World Cup – most of the wickets, who have chosen the half-cylinder in one edition © Getty

On paper, Australia can only have one loss in eight previous games at the World Cup, but that does not mean that they are still the best performers. Even in New Zealand on Saturday (June 29th), they were reduced to 92 for 5 after their top command did not fire, but they were rescued by Alex Carey and Usman Khawaja who took them to defense 243 on their way . half a century.

However, the bowling rides up and did the job of defense in total – in Australia's 86 run race – it seems easy with Mitchell Starcom who returns five.

"We were always talking about the peak at the end of the tournament and we are still looking for a perfect performance," he said. "We have not yet come in. We show what we are capable of with the ball and the bat and the field, but we still have room for improvement, and this is exciting for this group."

"We have to play our best game in half and hope that is better than that in the final, and that's what we are doing in the tournament. If we continue to improve every game, whether they play New Zealand or India or anyone, We will have to plan very well and then perform on a day. This is an excellent result of winning New Zealand, but one victory will not win the World Championship. "

Starc's fifth-fifth World Cup record helped get New Zealand out of 157 in the Lord, leaving only three wickets that were shy of No. 26 in Glenn McGrath in the 2007 release, which is the highest number of wickets the bowlers chose in one edition of the World Cup. However, Starc believes that this will not mean "much if Australia does not win the World Cup". Only five other players now have more than the StarC number of 46 World Cups, but Starc has an average of 12.97, which none of the others is near.

"The records do not mean much if we do not win the World Cup," Starc said. "I was just encouraged to play a role in this group and continue to contribute." Much of our victory is our calmness and I think it probably led to Finchie [captain Aaron Finch], He was fantastic as a captain. I think in the whole group there is a real feeling of calmness, not just from bowling but from Finchie to all terrains.

"Even when things do not happen to us, it's still very calm, we still know what we want to do." We're back on the execution. That's clarity as a whole group on the ground what probably puts the trust in the pentagon to do what what they want.

Jason Behrendorff opens the ball with the Old Man and the long spells of bowling in which he has returned the doors in advance, lowered the pressure on Starce. Behrendorff took the opening wizards of Henry Nicholas and Martina Guptilla early, ending with 2 for 31, after reaching the top five in the last game.

"I think it worked well for the last two games, obviously, but I think it's a fantastic thing for our 15 guys to have guys of a couple of types who can open a bowling alley, we have a couple of types that make good combinations. they have been part of the tournament so far, and the guys are ready to go if they are invited and the guys who have been chosen today have done another fantastic job and I think we did not play the perfect game if you like them, especially as a bowling group yes, we find ways to abolish and limit teams, and we constantly improve every game.

"I think the turnaround was probably an Indian game where we had a good conversation as a bowling group and a group of strokes, and we continued to improve as a whole group of players from that game, so it was fantastic."

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