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The son of Rajasthan Pehlu Khan was killed by a mafia named Chargesheet

Pehlu Khan, a milk farmer killed by a group of cowboy vigilants in Rajasthan in 2017.


In the midst of the controversy over Pehlu Khan's name, a dairy farmer killed by a group of cats rioters in Rajasthan in 2017, his son said on Saturday that the hopes of justice by the cabinet of the congress under the leadership of Major General Ashok Gehlot disappeared,

"We had the hope of congressional government to help us get justice, but all of our struggle was futile," Irsad told ANI news agency. "We were hoping we would get justice right now. They killed our dad in our eyes, but now we are bothered because some of us are eyewitnesses in the case," he said.

Pehlu Khan and his two sons, transporting cows bought at the cattle fair in Jaipur, headed home in Haryana when they attacked the mob, were accused of transporting animals without permission.

Chief Minister Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot defended his government, saying Pehlu Khan was not indicted. "The case has been researched in the past, under the government of the BJP, and a list has been submitted. If any discrepancies are found in the investigation, the case will be re-investigated," Mr Gehlot said, blaming the previous administration.

He also reported that Pehlu Khan was not accused, but "he would see if the investigation was made with predetermined intentions". A copy of the indictment he saw from NDTV described Pehlu Khan as "the late defendant".

Speaking about the investigation in this case, Irsad said he was not happy with the progress of the investigation.

"We came back from Jaipur with the cows, we had valid documents with us, but the cow's vigilantes did not listen to us and filed the documents, and now, after two and a half years, they submitted an opposing table to us, and released six of the defendants my father had named. How can we be satisfied with the investigation, "he asked.

Pehlu Khan and his sons were stopped at the Jaipur-Delhi National Highway by a cowboy watchman and severely beaten. A cell phone video showed that Pehlu Khan was pulled to the neck, thrown to the ground and silenced. Mr. Khan was killed in hospital two days later.

The first two information reports (FIR) filed in the case – one was against eight people allegedly lied to dairies, and the other was against him and his sons for livestock transport, allegedly without permission from the district collector.

The latest indictment was filed by the government of Rajasthan in another FIR. Pehlu Khan can not be prosecuted while dying, but will continue against his sons – which has greatly disturbed rights activists.

In the indictment, Pehlu Khan is accused of acting in several parts of the Workers' Law that seeks to protect slaughter and smuggling of livestock.

Eight men accused of being beaten to death have come out with a bail, and two can not be found.

(With inputs from ANI)

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