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Total Solar Eclipse July 2: Here's all you need to know

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Full Sunrise / Surya Grahan 2019: The full solar eclipse that will take place on Tuesday, July 2, will be held on the southern hemisphere above the South Pacific Ocean. Here are the details.

Complete Sunrise / Surya Grahan 2019: The World Will Be Prepared to Observe the Complete Sunshine on Tuesday, July 2nd. The upcoming solar eclipse will probably last four minutes and 33 seconds. It will be the only complete solar eclipse that will happen this year.

The sunset on July 2 will likely last for more than two minutes and 40 seconds of the solar eclipse that took place in August 2017. The sun's cloud will go through a 6,000-mile route, however, only the narrow Pacific Ocean zone and the south America will come to the path of totality report from Time Channel.

According to the report, the solar eclipse will throw a dark shadow on some parts of Chile and Argentina and remote areas of the South Pacific. a partial eclipse will be visible in neighboring South American countries.

According to the report, most of the eclipse occurs across the Pacific, with partial dizziness beginning at 12:55 am EDT (10:25 pm Indian Standard Time).

The full solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line in such a way that the Moon blocks the Sun's rays to reach the Earth.

Most of these solar eclipses will fall across the southern Pacific Ocean, starting at a local sunrise time of approximately 2,175 miles (or 4,000 km) east-northeast of Wellington, New Zealand, according to report.

The solar eclipse of the Sun will be in contact with the Earth for 161 minutes, but will only last four minutes to reach the other land that will reach Central Chile at 04:39 hours local time. From there, the shadow will go east-southeast through central Argentina.

The path of totality will eventually end just before arriving in Rio de la Plata and Uruguay and then will be raised from Earth at dusk and return to the universe. the report was added.

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Since the solar eclipse will appear at a time when India's night will be here, the solar eclipse will not be visible in our country.

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