Saturday , September 18 2021

Warned of Covid-19 spread, states oblige RT-PCR reports as required: Check full list | Latest news India

Following coronavirus disease (Covid-19), which has re-emerged in some regions of the country, many state governments have made it mandatory for people coming from outside to carry proof of testing and, in some cases, vaccination certificates.

The main cause for concern is the Delta variant of Covid-19, which was believed to be the cause of a large number of cases during the second wave of infection.

The decision was also made by state governments keeping in mind the upcoming festival season, a time when many people are planning to travel. The center also asked the citizens of the country to be careful during that time and not to let down the guard. Some of the festivals to be celebrated in the days and months that follow are Onam (August 21), Raksha Bandhan (August 22), Janmashtami (August 30) and Ganesh Chaturthi (September 10).

Here are the countries where carrying documents is mandatory:

Tamil Nadu: The Southern State has issued vaccination certificates for RT-PCR and Covid for people coming from Kerala. The decision was made as the number of Covid-19 cases in Kerala increases. Two days ago, he recorded the biggest one-day jump since May 29th.

Karnataka: This is another condition that has made the RT-PCR negative report mandatory for those coming from Kerala. Karnataka included Maharashtra on the list.

Himachal Pradesh: Hill State has released an RT-PCR report showing that a person without Covid is mandatory for all incoming tourists. The test report must not be older than 72 hours, according to a government order from Himachal Pradesh.

Chhattisgarh: An RT-PCR report is also required to enter Chhattisgarh, by order of the Bhupesh Baghel government. The rule will take effect on August 8th.

Goa: The state, which is very popular with tourists, has also made RT-PCR mandatory.

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