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5 exercises that increase sexual endurance in bed

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Sex Good is mostly self-confidence, intimacy and a sense of security and sensuality with a partner. However, even a good level of endurance doesn’t hurt.

If you feel adventurous with the position or want to ‘work out’ all night, if you have reserves of strength and fitness, it will take your romance to the next level.

Fortunately, there are sports and fitness activities that can provide certain benefits for sexual performance. Simply put, they can make you more resilient in bed

An expert on integrative health care for men, Dr. Myles Spar says fitness is an important element in improving sexual health, sexual performance, and even increasing libido.

Here are some of Dr. Spar’s top five sports to increase libido and help achieve greater endurance in bed.

1. Lift the load

According to Spar, lifting weights can increase sex drive by encouraging your body to produce more testosterone

He goes on to say that healthy testosterone levels are linked to sexual desire, doing exercises that can increase testosterone can also increase your libido.

In addition to chemical benefits, weight lifting also has psychological ones. Research has shown that strength helps boost self-confidence – and nothing makes it sexier.

2. Cardio

“Cardio or HIIT is one of the most effective fat burning exercises you can do, and it can also increase your libido,” Dr. Spar said. Metro UK.

An intense cardio workout like HIIT is a great way to boost your energy as it lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

“Increased cortisol has been shown to significantly reduce testosterone, so taking care of stress is crucial to maintaining a healthy sex drive,” she says.

A sport that increases sexual endurance in bed


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