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AFF Cup 2018, the question of Indonesia has passed the phase of the group, Evan Dimas Pasrah – Evan Dimas Darmono has decided to surrender on the opportunity of the Indonesian team to qualify for AFF Cup semi-finals in 2018.

The fate of the Indonesian team is really on the verge. The match between Philippines vs Thailand at Panaad Stadium, Bacolod, on Wednesday (21st January 2015), will determine the continuation of the Indonesian trip to AFF Cup.

If the match is over or the Philippines is victorious, then Garuda's steps are likely to stop at AFF 2018.

Since the Philippines have collected seven or nine points that Indonesia can not continue, although it has managed to win the last game.

One Indonesian team stayed in the Philippines at the main stadium, Bung Karno (SUGBK), Senayan, central Jakarta on Sunday (November 25th, 2015).

The Milky Way Team can only collect six maximum points if they win over the Philippines this weekend.

Since all the thin opportunities in Indonesia, Evan Dimas has claimed to decide to hand over the fate of Garuda to the group of God.

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"If God wants us to escape, we will certainly run away," said Evan Dimas after an Indonesian representative training at Madya, Senayan, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (21.11.2018).

"So do not worry, we're trying first," added a 23-year-old midfielder.

The Indonesian team performs three matches in the preliminary round of AF 2018 Cup B.

Hansamu Yama et al only won one victory when he was entertained by Timor Leste and the rest of the Indonesian team lost to hosts Singapore and Thailand.

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Evan Dimas also claimed that he had no charge playing three games.

The player currently strengthening Selangor FA just wants to give it the best if it is reliably played by the team.

"I personally have no charge if every game, we just enjoy and deliver results to power," said Evan Dimas. (Mochamad Hary Prasetya)

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