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After the Ezesiel incident lapsed in punishment, these are the words of Robert Alberts

SOREANG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Persib Bandung has returned to the dilemma position after delivering unsatisfactory results when he entertained Semen Padang on Wednesday (09/18/2019). Then the match at Starling Harupat Stadium had to end with a draw 1-1.

While first-teamer Maung Bandung initially had a chance to win if the striker, Ezechiel N & # 39; Douassel, had a chance at a successful penalty kick. Eeshiel's failure to take a penalty after the match forced the whole stadium to EzeOut.

On the other hand, although disappointed with Ezechiel's appearance, Persiba Bandung coach Robert Alberts still tolerated the failure to execute the sentence. The reason continued: Robert, a world-class football player, Maradona, Lionel Messi and Crisitano Ronaldo also failed to execute a penalty.

The Dutchman therefore gave Ezesiel the motivation to raise his head. "I think this is the first time Ezechiel has failed to realize a penalty in Bandung. It can happen to anyone, including Maradona, Messi or Ronaldo who also missed a penalty. And after that, people continue to support him, just like here," he said. Robert on Sunday (22/09/2019).

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Therefore, Robert also claimed that he wanted to ensure that Ezechiel's mentality was not interrupted after missing a penalty in the last match. Robert hopes that God will not put pressure on Ezesiel. In fact, it may be a crumb of enthusiasm in the next match against Roma to show evidence.

"I spoke to Ezechiel that he must have a strong mentality. Take the example of the best players in the world who are not affected by such conditions. They can stand up and be sure to take another penalty," Robert continued.

On the other hand, Robert realized that Bobotoh's expectations were always high. Especially according to Robert, Bobotoh is a fanatical fan who certainly does not want to see his team lose the match. Practical conditions to be accepted by penggawa Maung Bandung.

Nevertheless, according to Robert, Bobotoh must also know how to appreciate the players. Because the competing Maung Bandung penggawa tried to provide their best game.

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"In football, you have to live with the pressure. So players have to understand the reaction of the fans if they can't get the full point. But like I said, the fans have to respect that and have to continue to support the team and individual players," he said.

"Bobotoh is a fantastic fan. He has a great desire to see the team win all the time. And the players have to accept that, it's part of the football. We know that winning is not for us but for Bobotoh. Not only for Persib as a team, but for Bobotoh, too." added Robert.

Following this condition, the 64-year-old coach believes Bobotoh will continue to support Persib regardless of the conditions. Robert also tolerated Bobotoh's disappointment with Ezesiel.

But he also believes that disappointment is only part of the enthusiasm for football fanaticism. Other fans will always support the team and players in order to stand up.

"If Ezechiel is feeling depressed, it's my job to make sure he can overcome it. Last season, the situation was different for him because he could score a lot of goals, but this time he failed once and many were angry with him, but that was just a reaction and I'm sure they continue to be supported by the team for the next fight, "he said.

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