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Ahmad Dhani will present evidence of & # 39; Idiot & # 39; test case

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia – Suspect for defamation through 'idiotic statements' Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo, he announced that at 14.00 WIB on Monday (12 November) he would go to East Java Regional Police.

Dhani's attorney, Aldwin Rahardian Megantara, said his client's arrival at the East Java Regional Police Directorate Direskrimsus was not for the purpose of the investigation but handed over the evidence.

"Yes, to the regional police at 14:00, to provide evidence," he said when he confirmed

Evidence, Aldwin said, was in the form of an iPhone that Dhani used to record humidity with many people during an incident at the Surabaya Majapahit hotel on August 26.

While it was a question of continuing the investigation of Dhanin's embarrassed cases, Aldwin said he handed over numerous names of expert witnesses whose plans would be to inform the police.

Aldwin said that the expert witness who filed was ITE expert Teguh Afriyadi, then expert for criminal justice Abdul Khair Ramadhan and another language expert could not yet name.

Asked about the delay in the expert's examination, Aldwin said the delay was due to the fact that his party's call had not been received. He said the investigators should invite expert witnesses.

"We have filed requests and names of experts, but there have been no calls to the testing experts to date," he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Department of Public Relations of Eastern Yadian Regional Police, Frans Barung Mangera, confirmed that this afternoon, Dhani is scheduled to visit the director of the East Java regional police.

"Yes, but not because we did not call, but we have shed evidence," he said when he contacted him

When Dhani was arrested in a hotel in Surabaya on Sunday, August 26, 2018, an idiotic statement occurred and Dhani could not be present in President 2019's statement.

Dhani then expressed her disappointment in Blog Video. In a video of 01.37 minutes tied to a man who calls the rejection # 2019

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