Monday , March 8 2021

Anies monitors bodies of COVID patients at Cengkareng Hospital JIL: This is not fiction


Jakarta DKI Governor Anies Baswedan is overseeing the body of one of the COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit at Cengkareng Hospital. Anies saw a body covered in white cloth from a monitor in the hospital control room.

“That afternoon, at 2pm, at Cengkareng Hospital, standing in front of a TV screen, monitoring each JIL patient in the control room, we watched closely,” Anies Baswedan wrote on her Facebook account on Sunday (24/1/2021).

It was then that Anies Baswedan met the patient’s family who had just passed away. Anies said the patient’s family was deeply saddened.

“Something they never imagined will happen so quickly. The togetherness and laughter of the family for decades are now stored as memories,” Anies Baswedan wrote.

Before sunset the body arrived at the cemetery and was buried. Anies Baswedan did not provide information on where the body was buried.

Anies warned of the dangers of COVID-19. Similar events can happen to anyone.

“This is not fiction and not just statistics. This is the end of the journey of a human being affected by the plague: starting with contracting COVID-19 and leading to death,” Anies explained.

According to Anies, the most sensitive transmission is the family cluster. If 1 family member is exposed, then other family members are at high risk of infection.

“The current fact is that most people who are exposed are young people, but most people who die are old people. Don’t become collaborators. Participate in preventing transmission,” Anies said.

Anies appealed to residents to reduce activities outside the home. In addition, he asked residents to adhere to health protocols.

“Wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but keep in mind that exposure to COVID-19 is much more uncomfortable,” Anies explained.

“Once again, the virus is not fiction. It’s all real. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect everyone,” he concluded.

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