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Ask yourself, is it your healthy diet?

If you are a nutritionist or nutrition specialist all this time, you will be questioned about your eating habits, lifestyle and what foods are usually eaten to determine the best nutrition for your body, so a new urine test can help you better knowledge of your eating habits and even discover if you are really on a diet recommended by these experts.

This latest urine test works by detecting and measuring certain levels or biological numbers in the body that respond when you eat certain foods. This marker shows whether a person has a healthy diet or vice versa all this time. So, if you are used to eating fruits and vegetables, biological levels can tell you that you are on a healthy diet.

In this study, the researchers asked 19 people to follow four different types of diets, from a very healthy diet (rich in fruits and vegetables) to a fairly healthy diet (with lots of fatty foods and some fruits and vegetables). They were also required to collect urine in the morning, afternoon and evening.

From the urine, the researchers analyzed the various chemical compounds formed when the body breaks down food. This compound may indicate that a person has recently consumed certain types of food, such as red meat, chicken, fish, or fruits and vegetables. Based on research published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, researchers have created a model of urine compound that showed a person eating healthy foods.

From this test, the eating habits of a group of people are considered and common types of diets can be predicted. Thus, nutritional choices also become more in line with one's health. Although this research is still in its early stages, Isabel Garcia-Perez, one of the researchers in this study, hopes that this test is useful in weight loss programs.

Article by Bebby Sekarsari

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