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Bawaslu estimates the report against Mawulf Amin

JAKARTA, – The Election Commission's Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) reviews reports of alleged breaches of the campaign for vice presidential candidate number 01, Ma'af Ruf Amin.

A survey was conducted to determine whether electoral rules were violated by the Maufahuf because they promised that the community, especially farmers, would secure a state land that was not used to grow it.

Ma-ruf has conveyed a promise during the conduct of a political safari in Banyuwangi on Thursday (1/11 2018).

Bawaslu will first examine whether Ma'waf Amin political safari will include campaigns or not.

"We see whether or not the elements of the campaign meet or not," Commissioner Bawaslu Rahmat Bagu told Bawaslu on Wednesday (11/07/2018).

"Including (elemental) campaigns or not, the campaign element fills voters, with vision and work as a work program, and self-interest.

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Bagha said that Bawaslu would also check whether the promise to distribute the state land program by the Jokowi-Ma & ruf campaign team or not.

However, he said that the program of redistribution of land became a government program, even before the rule of Jokowi.

"That's why we first check whether this is the next program, whether it's a Jokowi-Maruf campaign campaign or something. We still do not know," Bagja said.

Prior to that, Ma'afir Amin reported to Bawas by the Adil Makmur Community Advocacy Team (TAMAM).

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Pelalor accused Mawulf of having committed a campaign offense because he promised to distribute land to farmers in the presence of thousands of farmers in Banyuwangi, holding a political safari on Thursday (01/11/2013).

It is considered that Ma? Ruf violated Article 280 (1) (J) in conjunction with Article 521 of Law No. 7 of 2017 on the election.

The article says: "Executives, participants and election campaign teams are banned from promising or giving money or other material to election campaign participants."

Ma'fun Amin in front of hundreds of farmers in Rogojampi Banyuwangi on Wednesday (10/31/2018), promising that unused state land will be allocated to the community, especially to farmers, to have lands for nurturing.

"If elected, I will help Mr. Joko Widoda improve the human economy, and one of them is that farmers can cultivate state land that has not been used up to now," said Mawruf during his speech.

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