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Digital disturbance presents opportunities for media companies to grow

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KUNINGAN, AYOBANDUNG.COM – The period of digital disturbance characterized by the rapid evolution of the information technology application is considered to be the ability to develop media companies.

On the one hand, the disturbance period is a threat to media companies, but on the other hand, the fast changes that are taking place also bring numerous opportunities.

This was stated by the leader of creative development, the Come Media Network, Abdullah Gifar during the presentation at the grand gathering of PT. Come to the media network at Horison Tirta Sanita Hotel, Kuningan Region, on Saturday (June 29, 2019).

"Disruption has a chance for those who want innovation, one of the disturbing characters that can disrupt the status quo, which is a threat to established companies," he said.

The key, according to Gifar, is a constant change. Citing Kaizen's philosophy that he suggested changing constantly even though Gifar briefly gave a few examples of large companies that must be prepared to break into disorder.

"For example, Nokia has been feeling comfortable since they can control the market, and when Android first appeared, it was not a threat." Finally, Nokia disappeared, "he explained.

Accordingly, these conditions enable the development of new companies. According to him, who will be the winner in the future are those who want to continue with innovations following the pace of change in time.

Gifar has also discussed the form of digital content that will become a trend in the next few years. According to him, video content will dominate digital media where 80% of the content being searched on the internet will be video.

With these conditions, the YouTube platform will be at the forefront. This situation also poses a challenge in the form of competition between content creators where the junk content will flood. Faced with this situation, Gifar has estimated that each created content must have a character.

"The key is character, there is no original idea because they are basically all ideas of imitation, searching for other ideas." Content without character will be difficult to accept on the market. "It is important that the created content must be known," he explained.

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