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Drought accelerates the spread of hepatitis A virus

Drought has reduced the supply of clean water to the community.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PACITAN – The Office of Health in East Java conducted epidemiological research in the Pacitan area after the establishment of a hepatitis A epidemic in the region. The drought that has occurred over the last few months has helped accelerate the spread of hepatitis A virus in the region.

"The drought has caused a decrease in the supply of clean water in the community, which has contributed to the spread of hepatitis A virus in the last two weeks," said Pacitan Eko Budiono, head of the health service, on Saturday (29/6).

The conclusion was obtained by the sanitary team and epidemiology of the Pacitan Health Office when they conducted a series of surveillance activities in villages where many people are infected with hepatitis A virus or jaundice. The activity was also conducted in the first village in the sub-district Sudimoro suspected to be the starting point for a highly contagious case of hepatitis A.

As a result, it was concluded that the Hepatitis A virus spread has been caused by the unhealthy lifestyle of the community, the less pure environment and the unhygienic water. "We found that the source of pure water entering the homes of humans is a little reddish brown color. That is, water in the average population flows from the top of the mountain using intestinal nets," he said.

This condition is further aggravated by improper food processing. For example in cooking water, do not boil. "This is where there is a contamination with the hepatitis virus, it will not die," said Dian Bahri, Sanitary Staff of the Pacitana Health Office.

Such a state of lack of clean water supply worsened the situation. As soon as the first yellow victim fell to Sudimoro, said the Pacitan Eko Budiono Health Office, the virus quickly spread like impure environmental impacts and lack of clean water.

"Moreover, the momentum is almost the same as Eid and the season of celebration. Food and drink pollution is the fastest person transmitting a person's virus," he said.

To overcome and overcome, Eco said, his party collaborates with other ranks, especially BPBD Pacitanyang, who is now intensively distributing clean water assistance. There are a total of 45 villages in 12 sub-districts for which it has been established that they have a lack of clean water and a warning status on the drought.

Although not all of them have come to the aid, from the gradual supply and delivery of sanitary aid packages, residents are expected to minimize further impact so that the hepatitis does not widen.

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