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Excitement Pokem GO GO 2019 Tournament

INDOSPORT.COM – The Pokemon GO eSports game has been present since 2016. This game was a phenomenal game at that time.

Though now there are a number of very interesting eSports games present, but it turns out that even now Pokemon GO is still a lot of fans.

This game has a unique game because it requires players to work and choose Pokestop to find our leading Pokemon.

In December 2018, Niantic as a developer of Pokemon GO games introduced the PVP feature to its owners. Although there are some players who do not like this feature because it's pretty difficult to play, many players also love this feature because it adds a competitive impression.

The Pokemon GO eSports community, namely Pokemon GO Indonesia, together with Club 40 Indonesia, held a tournament in PVP features, the Pokemon GO tournament held on June 22, 2019 at Summarecon Mall Serpong on 2019 Rainbow Cup.

In this tournament, players gain limitations in the type of Pokemon that can be used. They can only use grass, fire, water, electric, and bug types.

Not just PVP competitions, there are other competitions, such as Pokemon Cosplay competitions, as well as competitions that bring Pokemon Buddy or dolls and Pokemon action figures. More than 15 million Rupees were awarded this year's tournament.

Almost 300 participants participated in the tournament, they were not just from Jabodetabek, there were even those from Yogi, Sumatra and even some from Chicago. Brandon Tan, singapore player, is the number one player in the EXP competition.

This tournament was held to introduce new features in eSport Pokemon GO to eSport fans in Indonesia. This tournament is expected to be the forerunner of Safari Zone / GO Fest Indonesia, an international event in the Pokemon GO game.

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