Friday , March 5 2021

Explanation of Barbie Nouve on Ticket IDR 21 Million Near Maria Ozawa – VIVA

VIVA – The arrival of former porn star Miyabi or Maria Ozawa in Bali was at the center of attention. Maria Ozawa has problems with Immigration Class 1 Denpasar, Bali. Immigrant authorities suspect that a Japanese artist violates immigration rules.

Miyabi also had to take the exam for five hours. Miyabi has not been proven to violate the rules of her residence permit in Bali. At first he was afraid that Miyabi was coming to Bali to work because this artist came to a tourist visa.

Immigration Authorities conducted a Miyabi trial because they received reports from the public. It was discovered by Miyabi's best friend who invited the artist to Bali, Barbie Nouva.

"A lots of report if he works here. Some say plus-plus, that's very disappointing, "she told Barbie when she was interviewed Evening news. AFPThursday, November 8, 2018

Miyabi came to Bali to attend the birthday party of Barbie Nouva, which was held in Bali. However, the Christmas birthday event originally held on a cruise ship allegedly sold tickets for Rp21 million to meet with Miyabi.

Barbie did not admit ticket price for IDR 21 million. He only discovered that the sales of ticket sales should not be payable to Miyabi.

"No, because we're actually renting a boat only for 20 people, because my calls were many too. Boat rental is nearly 100 million IDRs, eating nearly 30 million IDRs. We also provide hotel, driver. Not for Maria Ozawa, "he said.

The birthday party is really private. And on the show, Barbie also used it to release a new song. The party has been canceled on a cruise. Barbie decided to have fun in the villa.

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