Wednesday , June 23 2021

Fandi recalls a moment of stopping 100,000 Indonesian fans

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – At a press conference AFF Cup 2018, Singapore coach Fandi Ahmad discovered his memories when he was silenced by 100,000 fans Indonesian representative at SUGBK.

Fandi Ahmad is a singles football legend who is now AFF Cup 2018 coach. At a press conference ahead of the meeting against the Indonesian national team, Fandi Ahmad opened reminders of the Indonesian team.

The memory that Fandi had meant was a semifinals duel in 1997 in Jakarta. At that time Fandi scored while Singapore finally lost 1-2 at the end of the game. Finally, the game has become Fandi's last match in Singapore costumes.

"I got a point, and 100,000 fans in Senayan were silent, but what became my disappointment, we lost (at the end of the game)," Fandi said, as quoted by the Straits Times.

Fandi Ahmad will again fight with the Milky Way, but this time as a coach.Fandi Ahmad will again fight with the Milky Way, but this time as a coach. (CNN Indonesia / Arby Rahmat Putratama)

Regarding this duel, Fandi admitted that the Indonesian team had traits that made it very jealous.

"Indonesia is technically very strong, I enjoy the way you play 1-2 touching sides." We are jealous of playing football, but of course we will increase what we have. "

"Our motivation is very strong in this fight," Fandi said.

Fandi's motivation for this match was to prove his quality as a coach after having successfully become a great player in the history of Singapore football. Fandi was named coach since last May and was assigned to bring Singapore to AFF Cup semi-finals.

"Although this is only in the short run, I'm looking forward to it (leading Singapore at the AFF Cup). After finishing the career as a player, this is the highest level in the coach world."

I hope players can play well because I know them a long time, and a strong relationship between us will help us in this fight, "Fandi said. (ptr / sry)

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