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Golkar DKI abolishes support for Bamsoet as a meeting

Golkar DPD DKI Jakarta abolished support for Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) as the lead candidate for President Golkara. DKI Golkar DPD has claimed that it has violated the rules of the Golkar party because it has decided to support Bamsoeta.

"There is a need to make a meeting on the basis of the agreement of six regional leaders based on the invitation of Pak Bamsoet," said the president of the city-level Jakarta Golkar DPD, Basri Baco during a press conference at the Golkar DPD office in Cikini, central Jakarta on Saturday (29 . / 6/2019).

Basri discovered this meeting with Bamsoet this morning without permission and permission from the Secretary of Golkara and Vice President DKI Golkara. Basri also explained that Bamsoo's support had not yet been aligned with party leaders.

"We pass on as much appeal as possible to the Speaker Golem of Airlangga Hartarto and the chairman of DKI Jakarta Rizal Malarangeng for our mistakes by the regional leaders Golkara who met with Pak Bamsoet," he explained.

"With regard to the support we have delivered this morning, it is necessary to clarify that the support has not yet been coordinated with the leadership of DKI Jakarta Golkar, so it is only the result of a joint agreement between the Jakarta Golkar President of the region," he added.

For this reason, Basri has discovered 6 DCIs of Jakarta region to deprive Bamsoet of becoming Golkaki Chancellor. He talked about Bamsoet.

"Because of this, once again, on behalf of the entire president of the DKI Jakarta region, we were equally respected as Mr. Bamsoet that the support we had was because we did not get permission and we did not coordinate with the leadership of the DKI Jakarta Golkar party, at the same time 6 regions, because we are in accordance with the organization of the fatsuna, and our guilty is no pressure, no direction and no orders, especially from Plt DKI Jakarta, "he said

Meanwhile, DPD secretary in southern Jakarta, Muhammad Soleh, has found support from Bamso, President of DPD in South Jakarta, Ikhsan Ingatubun, an unknown stranger. For this reason, he confirmed that this is Ikhsan's personal choice.

"I support Ikhsan Ingatubu as chairman of South Dakarar Golkara as a personal name not on behalf of the party, and not on behalf of the Southern Jaguar Golkar," he said.

Furthermore, he also hoped that the DK President Jakarta DPD would not only speak but would also revoke the Bamsoet support file.

"In the letter of support signed by each President of DKI DPD on the seal, the file was supposed to be revoked, so it is true that the regional president is not just in his mouth but officially withdraws support," he concluded.

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