Monday , June 14 2021

Heavy, cancer and costs in Indonesia are all over

The cost of financing cancer takes third place after heart and kidney failure

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) warned that cancer should be the concern of all parties. Since the number of cases and means of treatment by the Social Security Administration Agency (BPJS) increases year by year.

"Cancer needs our attention due to huge cases and funding costs," said the Chief of the Department of Cancer and Blood Vessels of the Ministry of Health when meeting the Right and Health Seminar entitled "Protecting Cancer Rights from Access to Quality Health Services at JKN Era building of the Ministry of Health, in Jakarta, on Thursday (8/11).

He reports cancer data GLOBOCAN that the highest percentage of cancer in men with lung cancer is as high as 14 percent of total cancer or even 22,440 cases, followed by colon cancer that accounts for 11.9 percent or 19,113 cases.

While most cancer of experienced women is the breast with a percentage of 30.9 percent or even 58.256 cases. Then there is a cervix (cervix) of 17.2 percent or 32.469 cases.

The problem does not exist because the cost of treatment is also fading, he quoted on the basis of BPJS Health Data, the burden of financing health care services from year to year is still growing.

"Even the third time after heart failure and kidney failure," he said.

He says he still spent $ 1.9 trillion in cancer funding in 2014, and then increased next year to 2.5 billion Rp.

"Then, in 2016, it rose again to 2.7 trillion and 2017, increased by $ 3.1 trillion, which happened because more than 70 percent of cancer patients had advanced healthcare facilities," he said. is.

That is, he said, what constitutes a high level of financing of lethal disease.

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