Sunday , April 11 2021

If the economy recovers, Indonesia’s insanely wealthy growth will be the highest in the world

SINGAPORE, – Growth in the number of rich people or insanely rich in Indonesia, it is projected to surpass China along with the Covid-19 vaccine distribution process.

Reporting from Nikkei Asia, on Friday (26/2/2021), based on the Wealth Report 2021 of a London consulting firm, Knight Frank shows, there will be an annual growth of 67 per cent in the number of people falling into the category. extremely high net worth of the individual (person with super fantastic property value) by 2025.

The report uses a measurement of people who fall into that category, namely those who have a fortune of more than 30 billion US dollars or about 420 trillion Rp (exchange rate Rp 14,000).

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The 67 percent growth will be the highest, not only in Asia, but worldwide.

“Indonesia is a dormant giant economy with a large young population and a growing middle-class population,” said Knight, head of residence for the Asia-Pacific region of Victoria Victoria Garrett.

He also explained, with large domestic consumption and the growth of technology companies like Gojek, Indonesia has a lot of room to create wealth.

In second place, the country with the most insanely rich growth is India. The number of rich people in India is projected to grow by 63 per cent each year. While in the next place filled Poland, Sweden, France and New Zealand.

China, meanwhile, ranks seventh with 46 percent growth.

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Garret also said that countries like Indonesia and China, which have growing markets, have made Asia the center of a prosperous generation.

“In the last decade, the region (Asia) has rapidly developed and deepened its infrastructure-related technologies and capabilities. The Asian region has a large share of revenue growth from technology companies globally,” he said.

Garret also said this makes the value of business and wealth in the Asian region grow exponentially.

Observed by region, the number of wealthy people in Asia will grow by 39 percent per year by 2025, followed by Africa with growth of 33 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of super-rich people is projected to increase by 27 percent globally. Meanwhile, North America, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe range from 23 to 25 percent.

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