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Internet taxis invite even strange extensions of roadblocks in search of maintenance

TANGERANG SELATAN, KOMPAS.com – A flat spread (gage) in parts of Jakarta has prompted complaints from online taxi drivers. One is the difficulty of "moving" or receiving travel orders.

An online taxi driver named Achmad Fadlan, 26, argued that even an unusual spread could be a big problem.

Men living in Cinangka region, Sawangan, Depok have never picked an incoming order as they have to consider the place of delivery.

"This is a very big problem for me. The problem is that it limits us to the pursuit of wealth, which is usually where to go And me We take orders, so many choose the order, ”Fadlan said when he met after dropping off passengers in Jalan Kesehatan, Bintaro, South Tangerang on Wednesday (08/14/2019).

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So far, Fadlan, who has a home in the suburbs, often receives orders from workers. Usually, the commandments that they serve always pass the paths that are currently designated as unusual areas.

"Yes, the average person who leaves for work early in the morning. There are only people who are lazy to ride ojol (online motorcycle taxi), so take a taxi online. Well, it's through Fatmawati or Sudiman. But now there is pledge our Think about it, "He said.

Fadlan acknowledged that, after testing the regulations, drivers resolved this by adjusting the number of motor vehicles.

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"If I'm weird. Yesterday I was free to accept it to the end. If I'm more picky now, look between the passengers where. Even if it gets weird, I'm passing the road (alternatively). how how And me they can even fill up with gasoline, ”he concluded.

As is well known, the DKI Jakarta provincial government from early August to September 2019 socialized a steady expansion in several areas of Jakarta.

This was done to reduce air pollution and reduce congestion in the capital.

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