Tuesday , January 19 2021

Jennie & # 39; BLACKPINK & # 39; opens the sound of the debit issue itself

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – members BLACKPINK Jennie has launched the first debut work, "SOLO & # 39; on Monday (12/11). He became the first member of the South Korean group to sing songs individually.

After Jennie, other BLACKPINK members like Rose, Jisoo and Lisa will follow.

Before that, SOLO songs became the attention of BLACKPINK fans when Jennie premiered at the Korea Concert Concert last weekend in Seoul.

Now, too, he shares his thoughts about debuting as a solo singer.

"Although I presented a new song yesterday at the concert, it still feels unrealistic that this music will be officially released today," he told a news conference on Monday (12/11) in Seoul.

He insisted he was not the only member of the solo work. According to him, other members also prepared for their solo work.

Jennie also stated that she was the first member of the job to be recognized enough to press. However, the owner of the full name Jennie Kim says her work remains part of BLACKPINK.

"I want to enjoy working as a soloist," he said.

ONLY is a hip-hop rhythmic song that gives a touch of pop music. The song was written by producer Teddy who helped BLACKPINK from his debtor.

Yonhap The song call tells the story of an adult girl and expresses her intention to be free to be her own life after separating her from her lover.

During the cultivation process, Jennie said that the producer always worked on works that reflected the characteristics of each member.

"With this song, because this is my first solo work, he tries to hear as much as possible of me. Which part can do the best and most I want to complete this song, I really like it," he said.

The 22-year-old girl shows her two songs – a weak and fragile girl and a strong and independent woman – in her song and video.


"Because I had many strong and charismatic performances on the stage, many people think I could be such in real life," Jennie said.

"But many of those who introduced me say that I have the aura of charm that really is the whole girl," he said.

He also mentioned his solo work felt more personal and mentioned that although there are differences in his work in BLACKPINK, they are both still part of it. (agn / end)

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