Wednesday , June 23 2021

Luna Maya has revealed many officials who came to her

Luna Maya has revealed many officials who came to her
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As a woman known for her beauty, many senior officials tried to access Luni.

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In addition to being famous for acting skills, Luna Maya also known for its beauty. With its slender high body, bright skin and beautiful hair, Luna often appears in many fashion magazines. His face even attracted the release of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia from November 2018.

Even so, by now Luna is obviously still alone. As a woman known for her beauty, many men are trying to get closer to Luni. Some have shown high officials in this country.

It was discovered by Luna when she was a guest star in "Hotman Paris Show"On November 8, 2018. In the case of Luna, she said her experience was invited to meet with several senior officials.

Hotman Paris Hutapea as the host wanted to know what a man approached Luni. Because Luna has a perfect bodywork that makes many people curious.

"You are a top artist of 173 cm high, you have industry," Hotman Paris told Lun. "Do you feel a lot of temptation?"

Hotman Paris Assistant at the Event, Melaney Ricardo recognizing Luna's beauty of the body. Melaney is Luna's best friend. He tells Luna how the body can do it, and he is actually a woman, astonished.

Hit Hotman Paris and Melaney, Luna was overwhelmed. Finally, he claimed that he was often approached by several officials.

"Much like I was in place salon when you want to get on the plane. Many aides (officials) came in, Luna said. Then say, "I'm sorry this president, this … I want to meet in the palace so," I said, "I'll talk again."

Luna has asked several officials who have invited her to meet asking for help from each of her personal assistants. This beautiful actress refused when she found out that the one who was talking to her was an assistant.

This rejection is also without reason. For this 35-year-old woman, a man must be brave enough to invite him to meet directly. Not through someone's intercession.

"I mean, I'm sorry, that's not it respect"Luna continued," but as a man if he wants to meet women, he is the one who comes to women if I think he is.

Luna also explained that she did not respect the position of a person who wanted to meet her. According to him, if someone calls on him to get acquainted with the assistant's intercession, that person has a hidden intent.

"I do not know respect the same position or what, but we are nothing, "Luna explained." It should be like a man who follows us, let's meet well, instead of an assistant, I think there are rich quote and quotation".