Saturday , June 19 2021, Strategic Evolution for Increasing Shopping Services – VIVA

VIVA – Since its launch in 2015, was born as one of the major players e-Commerce in Indonesia. As a platform that always prioritises consumer needs, November 19, 2018, announced a new breakthrough.

Along with Matahari Commodity, has published strategic evolution to better serve consumers, below One brand, one trip, one shopping experience, or

Chief executive officer (CEO), Hadi Wenas, in a written statement, said: "This is a strategic development to increase the experience Omni-channel consumers with the support of one-brand Matahari department store, ".

"Now Indonesian consumers have more choices for buying fashion items without any restrictions, either online , nor online, Added Hadi.

Together with the aim of providing with consumer experience, it then combines the expertise of technology and experience with the Matahari Department Store with the expertise of fashion retailers for the benefit of consumers. is milestone important are planned by companies that have moved from business e-Commerce general, selling products in different categories at the beginning of 2018 becomes e-Commerce in fashion in Indonesia.

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