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Mulan Jameela becomes a Member of Parliament, a population of Garut protests

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Number of citizens who are members of Solidarity of Activists, Youth and Society Garut protesting against the establishment of the General Election Commission (KPU) who declared Mulan Jameela a member of the House of Representatives replacing Ervin Luthfi, the legislative candidate (legislative candidate) for the Indonesian Parliament elected from 2019 to 2024. from the Gerindra party.

The name overlay was due to Ervin's dismissal as DPP Gerindra cadre.

"I, as a Garut community, are disappointed. The KPU is inconsistent," Solidarity Activists, Youth and Garut Community Coordinator Heri Rustiana told reporters in Garut. between Sunday (9/22).

Numerous elements of the Garut community held a meeting to discuss the disappointment and alleged arbitrariness of DPP Gerindra and the Indonesian KPU.

Erwin's name has been crossed out as an elected candidate from the constituencies of Garut and Tasikmalaya. Erwin's name was replaced by another candidate, Mulan Jamela, who is the artist and wife of Ahmad Dhani. Mulan and Ervin are in the same constituency.

Mulan became a DPR member under Regulation no. 1341 / PL.01.9-Kpt / 06 / KPU / IX / 2019 of 16 September 2019 on amendments to the KPU Decision No. 1318 / PL.01.9-Kpt / 06 / KPU / VIII / 2019 concerning the determination of the elected candidates for DPR members in the 2019 elections.

"We are concerned that there is news that he (Ervin Luthfi) has been removed from his position as a member of the Indonesian parliament to be appointed on October 1," he said.

Harry questioned Gerindr's DPP policy that removed Ervin, in addition without causing the mistake or violation that caused Ervin Lutfi to be dismissed as the chosen candidate.

Ervin's character, he said, is a youth character, businessman and activist from Garut who managed to win the most votes in the April 17, 2019 legislative election.

"We, our friends, estimate that Kang Ervin is a potential young person who will become the Indonesian language of the Garut community in the Indonesian Parliament," he said.

Hari said, the Garuto people who have great solidarity will lead the fight to question the strike decision.

He conveyed that the immediate steps were to seek an explanation from KPU Garut Regency, KPU of West Java Province and KPU RI regarding the rules and results of the vote recapitulation decision, including seeking an explanation from DPP Gerindra.

According to him, crossing the name violated rules and ethics in a democracy and there was a conspiracy between the Indonesian KPU and Gerindra DPP to convey another name as a member of the Indonesian parliament.

"That's not fair. The KPU has also violated the ethics of democracy and there will be a poor assessment of how the KPU can be suppressed, twisted and played," he said.
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