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Must know! These are the 5 new WhatsApp 2018 features

Must know! This is the new WhatsApp feature that users can enjoy. Photo: Net / Ist.

News technology, (, – To enrich the user experience, from time to time the new WhatsApp feature continues to grow. This is one of the reasons why WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application because almost everything is available on WhatsApp.

Not just stickers, but there are still some new WhatsApp features that users have released and enjoyed because they've been waiting for a long time.

Summarized from various sources, Thursday (8th November 2018), here are five features of WhatsApp recently released;

WhatsApp Labels

WhatsApp finally launched a new sticker that its users had long waited for. Previously, this feature already exists on other messenger applications.

This sticker feature can be used on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. WhatsApp offers 12 default stickers, but users can also download third-party stickers that are already available on Google Play. In fact, users can create labels with their own people. Interesting, is not it?

Private response

Recently, the Private Response feature was introduced to users of the beta version of WhatsApp on Android 2.18.355. This feature allows users to send messages privately to other users in the WhatsApp group.

With this feature, users no longer have to leave the exchange group to find people who want to send messages as they have been doing so far. If you want to use it, users must download the latest version of the WhatsApp beta for Android.

Quiet mode of operation

WhatsApp for Android has also been introduced by Quiet Mode. This feature allows you to hide notifications for excluded chats. When silent mode, users will not be able to see how many new messages are received in the WhatsApp application icon on the Android smartphone.

There are a number of reports that indicate that this feature is enabled by default on several users, and that this option is not excluded in the Settings menu.

Picture in video

This video mode was first introduced to WhatsApp users on iOS devices. But now the feature is also available for WhatsApp beta users on Android version 2.18.301.

Basically this feature allows users to browse videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube while still opening WhatsApp through a small window that appears.

In addition, users can tap the YouTube link to open YouTube videos while you're still talking on WhatsApp. So, users no longer have to leave one application.

WhatsApp Unlimited Backup

As of November 12, any backups of WhatsApp data will no longer be calculated based on the availability of a storage capacity of Google only 15GB.

In addition, users can also enjoy unlimited storage capacity for unlimited pseudonyms. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about insufficient storage space on Google Drive.

However, keep in mind that messages and all files that are backed by WhatsApp programs that are backed up to Google Drive will not encrypt to abolish WhatsApp but will be protected by Google encryption. (Eva / R3 / HR Online)

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