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New World Debt Specifications in Thailand

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Mitsubishi Triton The sixth generation in Thailand was introduced by Thailand's Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) on Friday (September 9th), while this year marks the 40th birthday of Triton. The biggest difference can be felt on the front side that is now considered a similar MPV Xpander design.

According to the MMC plan, the new Triton course will be on sale on Saturday (11/17) in Thailand, following on other ASEAN markets as well as Oceania, Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. Triton is sold in 150 countries around the world.

"I'm very confident new TRITON / L200 will be able to meet the needs and desires of our customers around the world, "MMM Executive Director Osama Masuko said in an official statement.

For MMC, Triton or L200 pickup is the most important global strategic model, and its success will accelerate the momentum of sustainable business growth.


Replacing the fifth generation of Triton launched in 2015, the new Triton applies the "Solid Rock" concept, which includes both external and internal design. The front features a new concept, "Dynamic Shield," which characterizes Mitsubishi cars and combines Xpander's design style.

Company request. the side has a sharp line with contrasts, a bigger front and rear wheel to wrap heavy words.


A little bit of information changes from the passenger cabin. But its called Mitsubishi brought comfort and when the passenger is seated and when the driver determines the direction of the vehicle.

Feature support

As a "hard working car," the latest Triton pickup holds a 4WD drive equipped with features Super Select 4WD to support its movement in difficult terrain. There are also features Simple Select 4WD. This feature facilitates the movement between driving modes for different road surfaces. With the addition of new drive modes, and 4WD systems deliver performance Offroad it better.

Connecting these two features is more complete with the selection of gravel settings, mud / snow. sand and rocks (type 4LLc). In addition to regulating axle movement, mode of operation Offroad simultaneously controlling engine power, transmission and braking so that they do not add rolling to the wheels. It does not include the use of a slope control to avoid sliding downhill cars.

Active security system

As a competitor Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara, the Triton pickup provides a safety system and driver assistance. The following system is available.

First Enhance collision (FCM), which can detect vehicles and pedestrians in front.
Second Warning for blind spots (BSW with LCA), which can detect the vehicle behind, giving the driver a warning with the sound and blinking lights in the side mirror.
Third Warning about back cross traffic (RCTA), in the same way helps avoid collision when returning.
4th Ultrasound disturbance system (UMS) that reduces accidents due to the use of accelerators that are not right when moving or pulling in parking lots and other enclosed spaces.

There is no engine availability yet, but the old-fashioned tracking in Indonesia is only DOHC engine of 2,447 ccm 16 valve, direct fuel injection, intercooler and turbocharger. (MIC)

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