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Police: Raffi Ahmad and his wife, and Gading Marten at an event suspected of violating the Covid-19 Healthcare Prokes site all

JAKARTA, – Kapolsek Mampang Prapatan Kompol Sujarwo failed to provide complete data on 18 people attended by host Raffi Ahmad.

However, Sujarwo made sure that Raffi Ahmad came to the event with his wife Nagita Slavina.

Sujarwo also confirmed that public figures were present at the birthday party.

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“Our data when we arrived at that place was an explanation by Raffi Ahmad and his wife Gading Marten, the former governor and his wife,” Sujarwo said., Thursday (14/1/2021).

As for the 18 people present, Sujarwo said his party is still investigating.

“We still need further clarification,” Sujarwo said.

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Sujarwo said the incident, which is suspected of violating health protocols related to the Covid-19 pandemic, had not been reported to police.

Sujarwo said the birthday ceremony was held in a private house that was still under construction at 3 Jalan Prapanca Buntu Street, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

According to Sujarwo, the birthday event was held spontaneously without prior invitation.

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“It turned out to be a spontaneous event, there is no law and there are only 18 people (who attended). There is no invitation, no, a spontaneous event if it is a birthday,” Sujarwo said.

The incident was revealed after the celebgram Anya Geraldine uploaded the photo to Instagram Story on Wednesday night (13/1/2021).

Anya posed for photos with Raffi Ahmad, Nagit Slavin, Gading Marten and Sean Gelael. None of them wore masks or kept their distance.

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The photo became a conversation for network users as Raffi Ahmad was among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in the morning with President Joko Widodo and government officials.

Raffi also received criticism from various parties, including a number of artists, for not being considered a good example to the public.

Raffi Ahmad apologized for this incident and gave an explanation via a video posted to his Instagram account.

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“As for last night’s incident, I would like to apologize profusely to President Jokowi and my staff in the presidential secretariat and apologize to all Indonesians for last night’s incident,” Raffi was quoted as saying by @ raffinagita1717 on Thursday (14/1 / 2021). .

The father of one child revealed that the photo was taken when he attended the event of the father of one of his friends.

Raffi Ahmad also explained, before entering the scene, a medical examination was performed according to the valid protocol.

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